No Ebola

Ebola freaks out the uninformed

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Russell Howard really tells it the way it is! Click to subscribe to his posts TODAY.

At least he does not make fun of the actual disease but he definitely takes the uninformed apart.

Let me state that at this very moment in time we have had NO actual infected person or death directly related to Ebola in Accra, Ghana. It really freaks me out how people think that all of West Africa is infected. They should rather be MUCH more specific about the countries that are affected by the Ebola outbreak. Africa is a continent and not a country.

No Ebola

No Ebola

(Please refer to the map above.)

Not a day goes by that a friend or relative does not enquire our health and the effects of Ebola. At least some are asking the hard questions; others are hiding their heads in the sand in the hope that this dreadful outbreak will just quietly disappear. Of course Ebola affects our lives, every day in some or other way.

Expats are being pulled from Ghana at an alarming rate. The ones that left, are not being replaced. Now I am not saying that Ghana or West Africa’s economy is on the brink of collapse without expats, rather that expats represent large international companies. It’s a ripple effect, when large companies extract, so does their investment.

Each time a rumour started that an infected person arrived at a clinic, the medical staff at that clinic went awol (absent without leave). They literally ran away, and deserted their posts.

At present an Ebola command post or headquarters are being set up in Ghana. Lets hope this is only a post from which they will distribute supplies and medics, and not actually treat patients.

2 thoughts on “Ebola freaks out the uninformed

    1. Daniel Bezuidenhout Post author

      Thanks for reading, and wishing me well. I have never been tuned into the news as I am now. Ebola is ‘top-of-mind’ at present. My family and friends keep with a mantra sounding like ‘just leave’ but where to? Ebola reached America, Spain, Australia and Germany quicker than I could…so staying here is optional.

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